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TriggerPoint Certification Courses

Foam Rolling: Principles & Practices: August 19 & October 27, 2017 Myofascial Compression Techniques: August 20 & October 28, 2017 Think You Know How To Foam Roll? Think Again… ​ Learn innovative programming and stay a step ahead of the competition with a system designed to empower people by encouraging natural movement and reducing injuries. Register...

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BOSU Certification Courses

BOSU Complete Workout System Certification dates: August 26 & December 15, 2017 BOSU Mind Body Certification Dates: August 27 & October 29, 2017 The BOSU® Balance Trainer is a valuable physical training tool. We know that if used properly it can generate incredible results for a client. But what makes for an outstanding BOSU® instructor? A great BOSU® instructor knows how to properly sequence exercise for best benefit, how to select the most appropriate exercises for the audience, how to progress, regress, or change an exercise on the spot to help members feel most successful, and how to coach versus play follow the leader. BOSU® Courses like the BOSU® Complete Workout System 8-Hour Certification, do not just teach the theory, science, practical application and modifications of BOSU® exercises, but the course focuses on actual coaching technique. During the course, each participant is given the opportunity to teach BOSU® exercises to other participants. They are also encouraged to apply modifications and variables to each exercise in order to feel more confident teaching to all levels. BOSU® certification courses aren’t just comprised of lectures and demonstrations. Trainers and instructors are observed and coached through the course on ways to improve the way they lead an exercise. All of these components are put together in a comprehensive course that gives fitness professionals a process or system for creating a successful workout experience...

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Hedstrom Fitness Surge Dynamic Fluid Resistance Certification & Kamagon Certification Courses

Kamagon Certification Course dates: December 17, 2017 Surge Dynamic Fluid Resistance Certification Course Dates: December 16, 2017 Taking dynamic-fluid resistance training to the next level, The Surge® is a specialized training device that utilizes fluid to create a “dynamic” form of resistance. This forces the user to challenge both traditional exercises, as well as sport and activity specific movement patterns. This provides a very unique challenge to the joints and stabilizing structures to resist and control the unpredictable nature of the shifting water within this device. The Kamagon Ball is a destabilized weight that uses the principle of Hydro-Inertia™ to work your muscles while simultaneously training the nervous system. This is a key to strength, speed and overall...

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PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer Certification

Online Course Registration now open Live workshop dates: October 27-29, 2017 & December 8-10, 2017 PTA Global’s NCCA Accredited Certified Personal Training (CPT) education is the first in the industry to be done in collaboration with 26 of the world’s most influential and progressive Health and Fitness educators. This educational course is specifically designed to prepare you for a career as a Fitness Professional by empowering you with the necessary skills to be successful immediately. Register...

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